How to Shop on Grainfield Foods

Every day we see thousands of people visit our online store and shop on our website. We’ve helped many, but inevitably once a month or so we get an email from a customer telling us how to shop on our website. So here it is! For your convenience, we’ve made this handy guide to help you find what you’re looking for.

We pride ourselves on making it easy for you to browse and shop our products on our website. below are a few simple steps to make your shopping experience easy, fun, and memorable!

Scroll down to locate desired product of your choice or use search bar to search for products and click on product or the name of product.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com2

Step 3: Product Features

After clicking on product, scroll down to view full features and other benefits, including price details, then click "BUY PRODUCT" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Single Purchase or Multiple Purchase

Two option will pop-up at the bottom of the screen after clicking the "BUY PRODUCT" option. You can either "BUY NOW" only that product or "ADD TO CART" and continue shopping for more products.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com4

Step 5: Cart Pop-Up

A pop will appear after you click on BUY NOW or ADD TO CART option. If you click on "buy now" you will be redirect to the cart page, otherwise if you clicked on "add to cart" you will be asked if you want to continue shopping or checkout.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com5

Step 6: Cart Page

On the cart page you can choose to increase the quantity of the product, then scroll down and click on CALCULATE SHIPPING

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com6
How to order on grainfieldfoods.com6+

Step 7: Set City Location

A drop down appears after clicking on CALCULATE SHIPPING
- Set your country.
- Set your state.
- Set your city in that state.
Then click on UPDATE.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com7

Step 8: Proced to Checkout

After updating your shipping address logistics charges will be calculated and the total amount of your order will be displayed, then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com8

Step 9: Checking out

On the checkout page, if you are a new user, just go ahead and fill the form, otherwise you can click to sign in, if you own an existing account.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com9
How to order on grainfieldfoods.com9+

Step 10: Accepting Terms

After filling up the details or you have logged in, tick the tiny box to accept our terms and click on PLACE ORDER.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com10
How to order on grainfieldfoods.com11

Step 11: Payment Method

After clicking on place order, the payment page will appear, select your preferred payment method and click on PAY AMOUNT.

How to order on grainfieldfoods.com12
How to order on grainfieldfoods.com13

We’ve provided the steps necessary to complete a purchase, including what to do beforehand, during the checkout process and after the completion of your transaction to help ensure you have a great shopping experience. This is what we call transparent communication and we pride ourselves in providing it with every step of your purchase with us.

We hope this information will be helpful to you. If you have any questions about shopping on our website or need help in placing your order, please contact us – we are always ready to help you!


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